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Hi, I am Rajat Gayen, A Certified Nutrition And Weight Loss Coach, helping people to achieve sustainable weight loss without intense workouts & crash dieting .

I started this journey 5 years ago & helped more than 500 people to loss their weight & to never put it back.

I was figuring out what was going wrong with the people when it comes to sustainable weight loss.

I had applied some magical formula for weight loss & amazingly i myself lost 10 kg weight & i am able to sustain my weight loss since last 5 years.

I am on a mission to help 10k people to get their desired figure & to maintain that figure lifelong.


Having Doubts?

📍Will, I be able to achieve results from this method?

Yes, if you implement whatever has been taught in the Webinar

📍Will this be live or pre-recorded?

Yes, It Will Be Live.

📍What will be next after joining the group?

You will get all the necessary information and link in the group. Apart from this you have a chance to get eBook, Fitness Workbook,

1:1 consultation, Weight Loss Recipes, The Weight Loss Video Bundle and Even personal mentorship.